Boko Haram suspected behind abduction of girls in Niger

More girls have gone missing in south east Niger and the members of the harline terror group Boko Haram are suspected to have abducted them.

It is said to be a Nigerian Islamist group which is said to be behind the abduction of a dozen girls in raids on several border villages in southeastern Niger.

Suspicion is because of the statements of local councillor and an NGO from the area.

It is now suspected that the terrorist group may have as many as 16 of the girls abducted from two villages in Toumour commune.

This is amid the Boko Haram insurgency being in the ninth year and with leaving 20,000 people dead and 2.6 million displaced so far.

Boko Haram has repeatedly attacked Diffa, a region of some 600,000 inhabitants over the past four years, displacing around half of the local population.

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