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Boy drowning caught in selfie snap while friends continue posing

In a shocking yet bizarre case, a boy in Bengaluru was caught in a snap drowning

In a shocking yet bizarre case, a boy in Bengaluru was caught in a snap drowning in a pond when his friends, also closeby, remain busy clicking selfies. According to local media reports the drowned boy has been identified as Vishwas G, a student of Jayanagar National College. The incident took place at Ravagondlu Betta near Kanakapura, Ramanagara district, 40km from Bengaluru.

The agitated parents and relatives of 17-yr-old Vishwas sat on dharna with the body to protest what they alleged to be  negligence by college faculty in charge of the NCC unit. However, the demonstration was called off after the college management assured the protesters that stringent action would be taken against the lecturers if their role was confirmed. Kaggalipura police said that Vishwas G, a resident of Hanumantha Nagar, South Bengaluru, and elder son of autorickshaw driver Govindaraju and homemaker Sunanda , drowned in a 300-year-old kalyani, a stepped tank, when the touring party entered the waters in the afternoon. They were at Ravagondlu Betta in Ramanagara district. “We had finished swimming and left for the Gundanjaneya temple and did not notice Vishwas’ absence. One of the students was replaying his selfie photos and noticed Vishwas drowning being captured in the frame.

He immediately alerted the NCC unit chief, Prof Girish, and other friends, and by the time they returned to the Kalyani, an hour had passed. Vishwas was nowhere to be seen,” Sumanth A, one of the students, said.

Police said Prof Girish was present at the spot, but the college authorities claimed that no faculty member had accompanied the students. Local police was summoned to the spot. Vishwas’ body was fished out around 3.30pm. Alerted by Vishwas’ friends, his parents rushed to the spot.

“The students came to the spot with Professor Girish, NCC in-charge, and the incident happened when the students taking selfies,” Ramanagara district SP Ramesh Banoth confirmed. Kaggalipura police said around 25 students, all NCC cadets from the Jayanagar college, had come to the hill for a trek. “The students came to the Betta around 2pm Sunday. They disregarded a signboard put up by the local gram panchayat that no one should enter the water, and plunged in,” a police officer said.

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Boy drowning caught in selfie snap while friends continue posing
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