Boy gets head stuck in railing; father makes video of rescue

Boy gets head stuck in railing; father makes video of rescue

It could have happened to any child around the world but it happened to this four-year-old boy in China. The boy got his head stuck in a metal railing.

It was his helpless cries that got the attention of his father who called the fire department for help.

But what the father did after the firefighters arrived has angered many on social media.

One would assume, as firefighters tried to rescue his child, the father would be comforting his child. But instead, the father was filmed doing something else – taking photos.

While firefighters figured out how to free the child without causing any harm, the father sat right beside him with his cell phone in hand, taking pictures and shooting video of the poor young boy.

The incident was reported in southeast China’s Fujian province last week.

On Weibo, social media users slammed the father for being irresponsible, saying he was more concerned about recording the rescue for posterity (and perhaps, social media) rather than being there to comfort his child.

However, when the child was eventually freed after half an hour, the father finally let go of his mobile phone and held on to the visibly distressed child, as seen in the video.

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