Boy killed in a bomb blast, few others injured

incident took place in Kolkata's Nagerbazar area

Kolkata police termed it to be a low intensity crude bomb that killed an eight-year-old boy while injuring nine others.

Among the injured also includes the mother of the killed child, said police.

The incident took place in Kolkata’s Nagerbazar area about 2 km from the airport.

The blast took place in front of a four-storey building in a narrow lane.

The blast led to glass being shatterred in nearby buildings.

The explosion took place outside a shuttered ground floor office.

A fruit shop seller was sitting nearby and is one of the seriously hurt.

The child has been identified as Bibhash Ghosh.

Police also said that the bomb parts ricocheted off the concrete floor and hit a terrace.

Ruling Trinamool leader said that the target of the blast was his party leader and South Dum Dum Municipality Chairman Panchu Roy.

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