Broken utensils should not be kept in house, Know why

Each and every item in your house plays an important role in your life be it the furniture or utensils and keeping everything in place according to the Vastu Shastra become necessary in order to bring peace and prosperity. Today, in this section, we will talk about the broken utensils in your house and octagonal mirrors in the house. As per Acharya Indu Prakash says that broken and cracked utensils should never be given space in the house.

Eating food in such utensils increases the trouble in the house and not only this, but it can also make Goddess Lakshmi angry. Keeping such utensils can sometimes bring a situation of taking a loan and so they should never be kept in your house. Not only this, but even broken cot should also be thrown away from the house.


Apart from this, you can put an octagonal mirror towards the north. Applying this kind of mirror at home gives many auspicious results. Debt and other types of problems usually go away.

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