BSP leader repaints ‘Saffron Ambedkar’ to blue; in Uttar Pradesh

that this Ambedkar statue in Badaun's Dugraiyya village was vandalized recently

Yet more politics over the statues as this time a Dalit leader became upset that the statue of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar was painted saffron.

The leader identified as Himendra Gautam of the Bahujan Samaj Party went on to repaint the statue with blue colour.

It also need be known that this Ambedkar statue in Badaun’s Dugraiyya village was vandalized recently.

The saffron has widely been promoted as colour of Hindutva forces and the Dalit leaders wanted the statue to remain in blue colour as is the case in whole of the country.

Even Samajwadi Party, which is now in alliance with the BSP had said that the step has pretty much exposed the communal forces of the state.

It need be mentioned that the Uttar Pradesh government had only last month passed an order to add ‘Ramji’ in the name of the Dalit icon Ambedkar in all of the official documents of the state.

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