Bus Accident yet again; many injured; who’s to blame though?

Many people were badly injured

Bus Accident yet again; many injured; who’s to blame though?

Prathibha Nair

At least one person may have been killed in a bus accident that led to injuries to over three dozen.

The accident took place on Sunday afternoon when a KSRTC bus and a private bus
overturned at Mangalampalam Highway, Vadakkencherry. 

As it was a dashing accident the speed limit made the bus get into a terrible jerk. Many people were badly injured.

The injuries sustained by the passengers are said to be severe.

What stands out is that this is not a first such case happening. Could it be carelessness of the drivers or is it the race mentality that may have caused the accident? It is something that is also suspected by the passengers.

The urge of reaching their destinations within the limited time often puts many lives into danger. The condition of the bus as was found after the accident does indicate the speed problem and only an inquiry would be able to ascertain it.

The exact cause of the collision was not yet known but the local authorities were on the scene for
further investigations.

The government need to heighten its alertness on this issue and ascertain as to how such accidents take place on
a national highway which is so well transformed.

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