Whenever we think about business the first thing that comes into mind is money but there are so many options available which you can choose right now.

There are many business which we never pay attention but can fill our packets without investing much. some of the business includes-

Recruitment Firm: – You can start this business from your home you just requires phone connection and few contacts.

Online Website:- Starting small website is small but very good business idea This business contains huge potential. Today you can see many websites earning in lakhs and Crores and we can see its practical side at many places.

Freelancing:- this business does not require any money. You need to just post your expertise on open forum or freelancing website. Sharing past experience can increase your perspective.

Photographer:- You can turn your hobby into actual money,if you think you are a good photographer.You just need good camera to start this work.

Home Tutor – If you possess good skill in teaching, providing education or personal coaching is very good business idea. In this you don’t require any money for investment and you will not face any recession in this business, because education is prime need today.

Interior Designer:- Providing interior design services is good idea. Well this business requires special skill and creativity to be successful.

Match Making or Wedding planner:- Mostly people hire match maker or wedding planner in marriages, so starting Match making or wedding planning business is wonderful idea. This business require small amount of investment.

Real Estate Brokerage or Consultancy:- You can start your own real estate brokerage or consultancy business without money. What you need is few contacts with prospective buyers and sellers. If not, check online and print media for properties that are to be leased or to be sold also take help of classified website or local newspaper make database and start contacting. A person according to his/her level of interest could choose to start a brokerage services like real estate, investment and others. Both opportunities and money are vast in this segment as sellers or buyers would not mind paying a hefty commission for good deals.

Virtual Assitance – There are a number of websites that offer jobs of a virtual assistant. The work involves assisting employers with various operational and other tasks. The best part is that it does not involve any investment or expenditure.Today IT is booming field and if you are expert in IT you can start your own business of providing IT support and services.

Insurance consultant or Agent:- Today many people seek advice for insurance. If you are planning to start part-time business, than working as insurance advisor or consultant is best idea to start with.

Consulting business:- If you are expert in certain filed like personal finance, branding, management, marketing or advertising you can start your own consultancy firm.

Content writing:- Creating content is an art and if you love writing then you can atleast give it a try.

Security agency or detective agency:- Security and safety are major concern today, and people are ready to spend money for that. To start security agency for providing manpower or to start detective agency is another good business idea.

Dance, Music, Drawing school:- If you are good at dance, music or drawing you can start your own dance, music or drawing class. You can even master these skills later on.

Career counseling:- Millions of youngsters and their parents are confused about various career options. You can guide them and earn easily.

Organising And Planning – There are a range of customers who look for organisers relating to their personal needs,like-fashion,diet,kitchen,etc.

Fitness guru:- If you are professionally trained you can act as fitness freak.

Baby Sitting and Cooking service:- If you are interested and want to start small business than you can opt for babysitting service or cooking service,mostly in areas where service class people lives and this kind of business grows with time as people do mouth publicity and it builds trust.
You can also start a tiffin centre or making homemade chocolates or deserts which are on demand.

These are most desirable jobs that we found, do tell us if you know more.
Hope you liked it,thankyou.


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