By-poll results; is it true picture of national polity after all ??

Media in the country projected the result of two or three constituencies as the referendum against the Modi Government

MK Shah

The By poll results of UP and Bihar set alarm bells ringing that the country would once again see UP,Bihar centric politics at the center ,thrusting upon their parochial caste agenda (Muslim -Yadav combination)in the country, a characteristic of these two states.

The Poll results also made the fact evident that in UP & Bihar, caste and religion still hold prominence.

Development, stability, governance, leadership ,vision and law & order also should have ruled the election agenda.

Will the trio (Akilesh Yadav,Tejaswi Yadav & Mayawati) decide the fate of the whole country. How can these two states sideline the mandate of the country! Sad! But true.

Sadly, the Media in the country projected the result of two or three constituencies as the referendum against the Modi Government.

This,notwithstanding that each state owns a different political setup.

Some of the media channels are suggesting the country that UP,Bihar poll results reflect the mood of the country.

They hold that Tripura, Meghalaya ,etc poll results do not reflect the mood of the country.

Why the Media give so much prominence to the poll results of these two states and overlook the results of other states,is quite beyond me.

The Media needs to treat all the states, alike. Populous states need not to be given undue prominence in their telecast.

Some channels have started projecting them the next PM. Sadly,they don’t hold Nitesh Kumar,Raman Singh, Navin Pathanayak, K Chandra Shekar Rao eligible for PM candidature.

The sad thing is that many leading dailies in the country publish anti BJP articles frequently by journalists who owes their affiliation to some political parties.

By favouring a particular party,these journalists are eroding the independence and fairness
the very basic pillars of journalism profession.

The regional parties cannot lead the country as a whole whether it is Trinamool Congress,SP,RJD,etc. for they inherit a regional agenda and outlook.

The need of the presence of a National Party in the country is mandatory to run the country ,as a whole.

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