Cab Driver Suspended from Job for Wearing Skincare Mask while Driving

Cab Driver Suspended For Wearing Skincare Mask On The Job

Skincare is important no matter how busy you are. That, at least, seems to be the motto of a cab driver in China who was spotted driving on the job while wearing a sheet mask.

His skincare routine, however, has now resulted in a three-day suspension. According to South China Morning Post, Chen Yiqun, a cab driver in Linhai, decided to freshen up during a late night shift on Friday.

He decided to drive into the city to refuel while wearing a skincare face mask, but was spotted by a young woman who clicked and posted his picture online.
The picture has since gone massively viral on Chinese social media, and earned Chen a lot of appreciative comments.

“What an exquisite taxi driver,” wrote one social media user. “Girls everywhere take note, you have to take care of your skin no matter how busy you are,” said another, according to South China Morning Post.

However, local traffic police were not amused by the 25-year-old’s attempt to keep his skin hydrated. On Monday, after the picture did the rounds of social media all weekend, police tracked Chen down and gave him a ‘stern lecture.’ He was also suspended for three days by his employer.

According to police, wearing a sheet mask on the job could be dangerous as it could fall off and obscure the driver’s vision.

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