Dati Maharaj Finally Reacts To Rape Allegation Against Him

Calls it all a conspiracy against him during a Whatsapp interaction

Famous god man Dati Maharaj has finally responded to allegations of rape against him. A young girl had accused the self proclaimed spiritual Guru of raping her with two of his aides.

The incident purportedly took place when the young girl was living in Shanidham Ashram of Dati Madan Maharaj. Responding to this allegation, Dati Maharaj claimed that he was being framed due to feuds and displeasures on money matters.

He claimed that many business people come to his Shanidham Ashram for seeking his astrological help to alleviate different problems. He expressed his suspicion that these businessmen could be behind the allegations.

He also suggested that the girl in question would not be able to inflict any reverse on him (Dati Maharaj). He even forwarded some papers purportedly signed by the accuser to a media house through Whatsapp messenger. He reportedly sent his taped audio responses to the questions posed to him by the media house.

However, it has been reported that papers forwarded by Dati Madan Maharaj were actually those very papers, which the victim claimed to have been signed by her in captivity and pressure of the self proclaimed god man.

On the other hand, Dati Maharaj or his Ashram managers have yet not divulged the place of his refuge. Police have searched many of his probable hideouts in vain.

Now, Shanidham Ashrams across Rajasthan are going to be stormed pretty soon by police personnel to flash him out of his hiding. Meanwhile, the accused hinted that presently he is not in Delhi but said he will come back to the city. He insisted that he has been implicated in this case under conspiracy. He said, ‘God is above all…I have lived for the nation, died for the nation. Namo Narain…!’

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