Rahul Gandhi derides police caning of Congress workers in Bilaspur

Calls use of force against political opposition as a profession of BJP govts


Rahul Gandhi, the president of All India Congress Committee, came down heavily on Wednesday against the barbaric use of force by Chhattisgarh police against congress workers and leaders in Bilaspur on Tuesday. While condeming the act in unequivocal terms, he observed that using brute force against political opposition has become the profession of BJP, where ever it is in power. People of Chhattisgarh would remember this as blatant misuse of power by the ruing party.

Rahul, in a tweet, said, ‘Dictatorship has become a profession in BJP ruled states and it has been encouraged by the activities of no one else than the PM Narendra Modi himself. The cowrdly act against congress workers by the government of Chhattisgarh, led by Dr. Raman Singh, will go down people’s memorylines as a political misdemeanour of the ruling BJP.’

Indeed it all is said to have started with loose mouthing of a senior BJP minisster, calling a Congress programme recently held in Bilaspur as complete waste. The statement irked the party workers to the extent that they held protest against the Minister Amar Agrawal and some of the protesters threw filthy waste inside the premises of Agrawal’s home.

Police sprang to action immediately after the incident and thrashed Congress workers and leaders inside the party office in Bilaspur on tuesday. more than a dozen of the workers were seriously injured in the cane charge carried out by police. While some were left with a broken arm, other sustained injuries on their heads too. Many were hospitalized after the inceident, who were reported to be undergoing treatment on Wednesday too.

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