Camp at Government Homoeopathy Hospital for prevention of Dementia

Dementia affects memory and power of thinking

A campaign has been launched by the Government Homoeopathic Hospital, Bhopal’s geriatric Unit for treating dementia and other mental illnesses.

Taking into account the increasing number of patients with Dementia, a Dementia Clinic has been set up in the hospital.

Those seeking information on the ailment, its prevention and treatment can register themselves in the Geriatric unit of the hospital.

Three OPDs and two peripheral OPDs are being operated in the Geriatric Unit situated at AYUSH campus at MACT Hills, Bhopal.

Peripheral OPDs are located in Ambedkar Nagar and Gautam Nagar. Dementia affects the ability of a person to think and reason besides affecting
his behaviour and his ability to perform routine tasks.

Most dementia patients are afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. The objective of the Geriatric Unit is to provide medical counseling after examining physical and mental health of people above 55.

The symptoms of dementia include gradual loss of memory, uneasiness, changes in personality, indifference, lack of ability to do routine tasks,
and the feeling of discomfort in expressing one’s thoughts.

Dr. Sunita Tomar of the hospital says that the disease is treatable through proper therapeutic and psychological investigation.

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