Can India become the peacemaker between Israel and Arab World

By: Mayank Agrawal

There is a major development happening in the geopolitics & that is of relations between Israel and Arab states.

Since the formation of Israel as a country the relation between the Israel and the Arab world was not so friendly. Because of the territorial dispute over Palestine’s existence and formation of Israel over it is very controversial since then and therefore whole Islamic world questions on the formation of Israel on a Muslim dominated region. i:e Palestine, and because of this dispute many Islamic countries don’t even recognizes Israel as a country like Pakistan, who even have mentioned Israel on its passport as “not valid for Israel” whereas there are countries like Turkey and Egypt which are amongst those first countries who have recognized Israel as an independent country.

This territorial dispute lead to several wars between the Israel and the Arabs, one of the most significant wars was “six day war “ where Egypt, Syria and Jordan were against the Israel in which they didn’t succeeded and Israel even have captured more of their land which was later been given back to them after the intervention of UN.

But today the tension between Israel and Arab rivalry is slowing down and heading towards a peaceful understanding. During the tenure of President Trump he signed an agreement namely “Abraham Accord” which formally placed the foundation stone for the diplomatic relations among Israel, UAE and Bahrain.

Which resulted in inauguration of Israel’s embassy in Bahrain and UAE and a consulate in Dubai in 2021 by the newly elected Prime minister Naftali Bennett, which made him the first PM of Israel how have ever visited a gulf country.

This new relationship has became even more stronger when India initiated a new quard comprising USA, Israel, UAE and India being the center of the talks.

This new alliance aims not only on trade and commerce but also on the military side as well, specifically to counter the desire and aggression of Turkey on becoming new leader of Islamic nations which is supported by countries like Pakistan, Malaysia and few others. It is said that because of Turkey’s aggression Saudi Arabia has also supported this Quard through back doors.

And this clearly proves the saying right that- “There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests”.


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