Beware Of China’s Global Strategic Intentions

Canadian Security Intelligence Services warn the world of Chinese misadventures

China is fast approaching a situation where no country will find it easy to trust the Strategic Intentions behind any of its moves. Canada for one, has dropped enough hint on that.

A recent report by Canadian Security and Intelligence Services (CSIS) points towards Chinese interventions in New Zealand. CSIS claims That China is trying to reach such strategic information and resources which would enable it to effect new Zealand’s sovereignty. The CSIS explains that Chinese activities in New Zealand have reached a ‘critical level’ where this Asian biggie can directly affect the freedom of expression granted to every citizen of New Zealand.

Not only that, Chinese intervention can also affect national relations of New Zealand and the religion followed by that nation. CSIS calls such activities a misuse of the political clout China has acquired in recent years, to further its Strategic intentions. Now it can interfere in democratic processes of even those nations which are ostensibly very friendly in their approach towards China.

Toronto Sunday Guardian (TSG) has published excerpts of the report prepared by CSIS. The report classifies the policies of Chinese president Xi Jinping in various categories.

It says that the Jinping regime is trying to manage the people of chinese origin settled in various countries. China wants to use these people as agents of its own foreign policy. To achieve this dubious end, president’s Xi has devised a people to people, party to party policy.

Under his leadership, the People’s Republic of China is also encouraging Chinese corporate houses to strengthen their relationships with foreign multi national corporations. Chinese administration expect such relationships to assist in furthering the foreign policy goals of Chinese Communist Party (CPC).

It also aims to enlist support of foreign nationals. China is reported as strengthening its global multi platform and communications strategy to do all this. It believes that such a strategy nay help China to create a group focused on Chinese economic and strategic goals.

The CSIS report also claims that China is using threats and temptations to ensure that its business and political interests are preserved. Explaining this strategic interest as Chinese will to subjugate Taiwan and prevail on the entire South China Sea (SCS) region, the agency warns the world against this.

China also wants to defend its stand on these two persistent irritations. Whatever China does, is seen as a ploy to continuously advancing its global stature. What is more disturbing is the fact that Xi can go as far as using Chinese business, technology and infrastructure to safeguard only its own global commercial position in smaller nations to further its secret goals.

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