Cash payment to Tendu Leaf Collectors soon, in Madhya Pradesh

Payment against labour and bonus in cash will be made to over 33 lakh Tendu Leaf Collectors of the state now according to the promise of the manifesto.

After the approval of the Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath, the Forest Minister Shri Umang Singhar has handed over a proposal to the Finance Minister Shri Tarun Bhanot for proceedings.

Tendu Leaf Collectors are waiting for this moment anxiously.

The Minister for Forest Shri Singhar has informed that Tendu Leaf Collectors of remote areas of the state were facing difficulties owing to the e-payment facility.

Tendu Leaf Collectors used to travel 10 to 15 k.m. to reach banks. There are mostly small banks in rural areas, which keeps small amount of money.

When these collectors used to reach banks in evening even after skipping their routine task they had to come back empty hand because of unavailability of cash at banks.

This was developing a feeling of disappointment and despair among the collectors.

The Managing Director of the State Minor Forest Produce Federation Shri Rajesh Shrivastava has informed that officers and employees of the Forest Department will inform tendu leaf collectors about the date and time in advance by visiting villages.

Nodal Officer will pay them in cash at fixed time by visiting them. There will be no need for tendu leaf collectors to go anywhere as the Forest department will visit them itself now.

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