CBSE to Revise Exam Pattern for Class 10th & 12th from 2020

CBSE to Change Exam Pattern for Classes 10 & 12 From 2020

The CBSE, has put forth a proposal with the Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD) regarding a change in the exam pattern for the Class 10 and 12 board examinations from 2020.

The officials have reportedly proposed a two-fold approach towards the examination, with the vocational subject exams being held earlier in February so as to facilitate earlier announcement of results.

The proposal mentions that the exams will be wrapped up by March, allowing for more time for evaluation of marks and thereby, an early announcement of results.

The officials reported that the new pattern would also help students test “their analytical thinking and reduce the scope of rote learning.”

Apart from this proposal, the officials have also submitted new “CBSE bylaws”, which propose a change in the manner schools are vetted for a renewal or affiliation. According to the new proposal, the concerned officers will rely on reports from the State education departments regarding infrastructure, while focusing on the “academic quality” of institutions.

However, HRD ministry officials told that the proposals regarding a change in exam pattern are still in discussion stage, and that nothing has been crystallised so far.

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