Authorities give it a more human touch inside Byculla jail

Celebrate 2-year-old boy’s birthday


The jail authorities of Byculla jail want children of inmates realize that they are not prisoners and that they have a separate identity and life to live. In a rare move the, authorities celebrated two-year-old Rishikesh’s birthday in a special way.

Confined in prison without committing any crime, Rishikesh celebrated his birthday in a special way in the Jail. He is a son of an inmate who had been living with his mother since birth. This time he cut a cake, danced with 21 other children and was showered with gifts and chocolates inside the prison premises.

In Maharashtra kids below six years of age are allowed to be with their mothers who are jail inmates. The children are given proper care and love so that they are not disappointed when they leave after they turn six. Hence, the celebration in Byculla jail.

A report said that the jail authorities have decided to celebrate every child’s birthday in the similar way from now onwards. Aruna Mugutrao, superintendent of the Byculla prison,

“For the first time, we celebrated the birthday of a child in this way, who has been with his mother in prison. Our main aim is to make the children realize that they are not prisoners and that they have a separate identity and life to live.”

At present Byculla Prison, has 388 women undertrials and it is also home to 21 children of the inmates, including 13 boys and eight girls.

The prison authorities celebrate festivals like Diwali, Eid and New Year and only children are part of these festivities. On Rishikesh’s birthday inmates were served with chicken dishes and korma, as notified by the jail authorities.

Also as an approach to new traditions, the jail authorities celebrated naming ceremony of Muslim baby. A female constable named the child Armaan and carried out the ceremony with Muslim traditions.

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