Central govt assures SC on Aadhaar data security

He said that Aadhaar data is kept in Manesar near Delhi

Responding to the petitions on Aadhaar data in Supreme Court, the central government has asserted that the data is secure behind walls that are 13 feet high and five feet thick.

The reply from the government was filed by the government’s top lawyer.

Attorney Geneal KK Venugopal also argued that the biometric data taken from millions of Indians was safe.

He said that Aadhaar data is kept in Manesar near Delhi.

The hearing on Aadhaar was before the five-judge constitutional bench hearing petitions questioning the privacy of data taken for the unique ID system.

It need be mentioned that since 2009, the demographic and biometric details of almost 1.2 billion citizens have been collected.

It may be mentioned that various sections of the society have expressed concern about privacy and the safety of the data, the susceptibility of biometrics to failure, and the misuse of data for profiling or increased surveillance.

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