Central govt had this to say on adultery in top court

Central government's stance pushed for a dismissal of the petition on adultery

The central government has told the Supreme Court that the adultery must remain a punishable offence to protect the sanctity of marriages.

The petition was filed in the Supreme Court where in it was demanded that to make a woman punishable along with the man for adultery.

This is amid the ongoing Victorian law that says a man having sexual relations with another man’s wife without his consent will get a jail term of five years and a fine.

Now a five-judge constitution bench is expected to hear the case after settling the petitions challenging the ban on gay sex.

The Central government’s stance pushed for a dismissal of the petition on adultery.

The central government submitted that letting go of the adultery would prove to be detrimental to the intrinsic Indian ethos which gives paramount importance to the institution and sanctity of marriage.

Earlier, the Supreme Court upheld the law against adultery thrice.

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