Cgarh High Court crucial ruling in tendupatta auction

ruling is in the case of tendupatta auction process

In a crucial decision of the Chhattisgarh High Court, it has been directed that the state government may go ahead with contractors who have bid the most for the contract.

This ruling is in the case of tendupatta auction process.

The High Court has set the next date of hearing to be on April 17 of this year.

The High Court has even asked the contractors to file their reply in the matter.

It need be mentioned that BJP leader Santkumar Netam had alleged a maximum of Rs 400 crores worth of scam in the case and filed petition with the High Court.

The hearing to the petition is being done by Chief Justice Radhakrishnan and Justice Sharad Gupta.

It need be recalled here that tendupatta auction involves allowing procurement of commodity by contractors to the maximum of 12 times the security deposit by the contractor.

With the ceiling reached, the contractor is barred from procuring more and the other contractors get the chance even if they have bid lower rates.

Santkumar Netam on his petition argued that this is leading to massive corruption.

The issue had earlier been raised by even Congress party as well.

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