Change the habit and become fit

Change the habit and become fit. The world of many of us has started living in smartphones nowadays. Wherever we are, our focus always remains to check phone calls, messages and notifications.

Watching the phone at all times is harming your spinal cord. Nowadays, the name ‘Text Neck’ has become quite common.

The weight of a normal human head ranges from 4.5 kg to 5.4 kg. Whenever we do the neck down to look at the phone, due to gravity the stress on the head becomes up to 27 kg.

This causes severe damage to the curvilinear spine. It can also cause other problems of health. The effect of your body posture also depends on your mood, behavior and mind. With frequent bending, you can get more repairs.

It is easy to avoid these problems. Just, you have to pay attention that you are standing straight. According to social psychologists, the testosterone and cortisol flow is properly done by standing in the Confident Position. Above mentioned problems can be avoided.

Experts believe that the habit of calling the phone all the time takes away people from reality. Not only this, the habit of head down for the phone also damages our communication skills.

According to Social Scientist Sheri Turkel, children now compete with their parents’ devices. Eye contact is now optional.

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