Cheesy Chocolate Sandwich


  • Brown/White bread slices (pick your choice)
  • Salted butter
  • Hershey’s chocolate syrup
  • Cheese slices (that melt)
  • Chocolate slab (for chocolate grating)
  • Chocolate grater
  • Potato peeler (for the chocolate shavings)
  • Fresh whipped cream


1 Spread a layer of butter(not too thick) on a slice of bread.

2 Pour Hershey’s syrup over the butter to cover it completely with liquid chocolate.

3 Place a cheese slice on the syrup layer.

4 Pour some chocolate syrup on one side of another slice of bread and place it on the cheese (the syrup side facing the cheese.)

5 Grill the sandwich and flip it when the cheese begins to melt. It will be done by the time the cheese melts completely.

6 Place the sandwich in the center of a plate(round or square. No ovals.) Cut the sandwich into 9 square pieces or 4 triangle pieces. Now grate chocolate on the cut sandwich covering it entirely with chocolate.

7Use the potato peeler to get some chocolate shavings from the slab and use them as garnish.

8 Serve with fresh whipped cream. Drizzle half a teaspoonful honey on the cream.

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