Chhattisgarh: 9 more Positives Coronavirus found in Surajpur

All these laborers are being sent to Raipur AIIMS for treatment

In Chhattisgarh 9 workers including a police constable were found Coronavirus positive in Surajpur district.All the workers were living in the shelter home of Surajpur.

All these laborers are being sent to Raipur AIIMS for treatment.With these patients the total number of active patients in the state has gone up to 13 while the number of Corona positive patients has gone up to 47 in the state.

Earlier,laborer from Surajpur was found positive on Tuesday evening,the laborers living in the shelter home of Surajpur were tested with a rapid test kit brought from Korea.In which 9 workers including a police constable doing duty were found Corona positive.

Bilaspur IG Dipanshu Kabra tweeted and informed about the positive found of the police constable doing duty in the shelter home. “#छत्तीसगढ़ #Chhattisgarh # Surajpur mei 9 कोरोना पॉजिटिव patients आए सामने,सभी सूरजपुर के आज आये पॉजिटिव मरीज के संपर्क में थे एक पुलिस constable भी जो इस सेंटर में duty में tha वो भी positive । ये सभी टेस्ट rapid testing किट्स से किए गए हैं अब एक्टिव मरीजो की संख्या 13”

The laborers who have been found Corona positive,along with 300 laborers were going to Jharkhand from Maharashtra.Those who were detained in the border of Chhattisgarh and kept in the shelter home of Rajnandgaon.

On 16 April,these laborers were sent by bus to Surajpur and Jashpur districts near of Jharkhand. In which 200 laborers in Jashpur and 106 laborers in Surajpur were kept in shelter home.

Before leaving Surajpur and Jashpur,all these workers were together in the shelter home in Rajnandgaon.

Now people present in the shelter home of Rajnandgaon are also facing danger of infection.At the same time,laborers kept in Jashpur are also being considered as Corona suspects.

Along with Surajpur,testing of the laborers present in the shelter home of Jashpur has also started with rapid test kits.

It is being told that in Jashpur where 200 laborers are living, large number of NGO people and social workers have also come and gone for the last four-five days. According to the information, physical distancing has not been followed here.

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