Chhattisgarh Government Withholds Recruitment on Vacant Posts, Promotion & Annual Increment

In special circumstances new posts can be created only with the consent of the Finance Department

Raipur: Chhattisgarh Government has issued instruction to withhold the recruitment on vacant posts, promotion and annual increment for the period of next one year, citing the situation arising out of lockdown which has been implemented for prevention of COVID- 19 infection.

According to the instruction issued by the State Finance Department in this regard, except vacant posts to be filled by Public Service Commission and posts to be filled with compassionate appointment, approval of Finance Department would be required for filling up all other posts.

Permission of the Finance Department will also be required again for the posts which were already approved by the Finance Department but no appointment was conducted. While sending such proposals to Finance Department, annual financial burden on fulfillment of these posts and necessity of filling the posts have to be shown. According to the instruction, departments must follow specified procedure in regular promotions.

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But to withhold the transfer occurring as a result of the promotion, the post may temporarily be upgraded at the same place till further order. Payment of the arrears for promotion and increment should be withheld till further order of the finance department. In order to control increase in establishment expenditure of departments, it is necessary to withhold creation of new posts in all government departments, public sector undertakings and bodies with immediate effect.

In special circumstances new posts can be created only with the consent of the Finance Department. Transfers will be done only after approval in coordination. No foreign trip at state government expense will be permitted. In addition to this, government officials will not be allowed to travel by flight in business class or rail in first class. Unnecessary travel or travel without competent approval would not be allowed. The annual increments payable to government employees on July 1 and January 21 have been delayed until further orders.

This order issued by the Finance Department will be equally applicable to all the government departments, offices of the state as well as all corporations, boards, commissions, authorities, universities and government aided autonomous institutions. These instructions will remain in force till 31 March 21.

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