Chhattisgarh spent Rs 1000 crores on development of forests and dwellers

1800 sentinels recruited to protect forests from fires

Forest Minister Mahesh Gaagda today said that an amount of Rs One thousand 49 crore 24 lakh had been spent on forest development and allied activities.

Many projects had also been undertaken to improve the socio-economic conditions of the forest-dwellers. Afforestation had been carried out on 26 thousand 505 hectare land and precious sapplings had been planted on 23 thousand hectare land area.

The scenario of the forests and the inhabitants in the forests had been transformed dramatically. CAMPA Funds is being utilized for the betterment of lives of those living in the vicinity of the forests.

Solar Sujla Yojana backed irrigation pumps are helping the farmers, domestic cooking gas connections under the Prime Minister ‘Ujjwala’ project, distribution of blankets to the Most Backward Castes.

Minister Gaagda revealed that 3 lakh 90 thousand poor women had been provided with domestic cooking gas connections under the Prime Minister ‘Ujjwala’ scheme.

He said that Chhattisgarh State had obtained an amount of Rs one thousand 293 crore from the Centre under the CAMPA Fund category. CAMPA Fund had been formed to repair the damage done by excavation of minerals on the orders of the Apex Court. He said afforestation had been done on 26 thousand 505 hectare area from the CAMPA Fund.

Minister Gaagda said that sapplings will be planted on four thousand hectare land area this year. Keeping environment in focus precious species of tress had been planted on 22 thousand 911 hectare land area.

He said that one thousand 800 sentinels had been recruited to protect forests from fires. There are dangers of forest fires from 15 February to 14 June. The experiment of appointing sentinels had been successful in curbing forest fires.

The Forest Minister said that steps are being undertaken to conserve about to extinct plants and conserve them. an amount of Rs 32 lakh had been spent on planting Haldu, Mundi, Beeja, Saal, Sheesham, Kullu, Saliha and other species.

Oxy-Forest Zones are being created on 1 thousand 186 hectares of land from the CAMPA Funds of Rs 20 crore in various cities and towns. City Forests are being created in-Korba, Bilaspur, Balod, Surguja and Koriya- with an investment of Rs 3 crore 27 lakh. The farmers had been supplied with electricity with an additional investment of Rs 34 crore 70 lakh.

Two blankets per family had been given to the citizens living in remote parts of State. One lakh 12 thousand blankets had been distributed till date.

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