Chief Minister discloses good news to lakhs of children of the state

Summer vacations from May 1 to June 16

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has announced summer vacation of one and a half month from May 1 to June 16. Dr Singh said in his message to children and their parents in his monthly radio programme ‘Raman Ke Goth’ aired from Akashwani Raipur Centre today morning- I am happy to disclose this good news to you all that this year school students will be getting summer vacation of whole one and a half month.

He appealed people to keep bowls of water in open for thirsty birds and animals and also to regularly water plants and trees around.

Chief Minister said that if you visit my residence in Raipur, you will see number of birds drinking from water bowls kept on trees in the premise.

Talking about the summer vacation of one and a half month, Chief Minister said that earlier the classes of new session used to begin from April 1 itself, and then they used to get holidays in between and then again from June 16 schools were opened.

Students had to go to school in scorching heat of summer, causing them various problems. Hence, as a solution to all these problems and inconvenience, State Government has decided to give summer vacation from May 1 to June 16. Now students can make better use of these holidays. They may visit their relatives or can learn a new skill/art as per their hobbies.

Dr Singh extended warm wishes to the students awaiting their exam results and advised them to never get disheartened if they do not get the desired results, rather they should double their hard work and achieve higher goals with perseverance.

He added that in our social and political life also, we face similar situations. I have myself got defeated in some elections, but each defeat gave me new lessons and new fervour to persevere, which led me to new opportunities and success.

Dr Singh advised parents to have friendly and compassion behaviour towards children and provide them inspiring and stress-free environment. He added that during this scorching heat of summer, children should stay indoors in the afternoon.

Not only children, but each and every person should take care of their health to get through this tough time of summer season. Prefer to drink boiled/clean drinking water and avoid consuming leftover/ junk food.

Chief Minister also shared his with the listeners of Raman Ke Goth about his experiences during Lok Suraaj Abhiyan 2018. He also gave information about the preparations made by state government for tackling drinking water crisis situation in summer season.

Dr Singh said- in year 2003, 44 thousand 552 hamlets in state had drinking water facility, but now 74 thousand 685 hamlets have at least one source of drinking water available.

He requested that state government is making best possible arrangements to ensure availability of water for each and every citizen, but if each citizen decides to cut down on water consumption to certain extent, it will not only save water but will also prove helpful for the fellow citizens.

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Chief Minister discloses good news to lakhs of children of the state
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