Child bride racket busted in Hyderabad; Sheikhs from Gulf countries nabbed

Hyderabad police have arrested at least 20 people, including five Omani and three Qataris sheikhs and three qazis, in what is being described as major international child bride racket. Twelve minors were saved from the sheikhs in the city. A chief qazi from Mumbai, Farid Ahmed Khan, was the kingpin who arranged for the marriage contracts with forged nikahnamas.  Meanwhile, another racket in the Old City was unveiled after a reluctant 16-year-old girl revealed about her interview with a 50-year-old sheikh for marriage.Based on her tip-off, police visited four lodges in the city only to find that these places acted as dens for human trafficking. The investigators even caught an Omani sheikh, who was about to get married to a teen girl, late on Tuesday. Reports say that police arrested five middlemen and four hotel owners.


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