China urges US to shed ‘bias’; work for long term steady relations

Accused of hurting the rules based order of the world, China has urged the United States to work towards building sound ties and leave behind any ‘bias’ that it may have towards the middle kingdom. The urge comes a day after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson accused China of breaking rules in South China sea and instead spoke of partnering with India as shining example of democracy. The accusation comes a month ahead of proposed visit of US President Donald Trump to China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang also said that Beijing is “happy” over the development of ties between India and America as long as they are conducive to regional peace. In a major India-policy speech yesterday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had highlighted the need for collaborating with New Delhi on offering alternative model of financing infrastructure projects and economic development to that of China whom he described as “predatory economics”. He had lashed out at the Chinese model of funding infrastructure projects and developmental activities, saying it does not create jobs and results in enormous level of debt.

Playing down Tillerson’s criticism of China and his remarks to deepen ties with India, Lu told reporters here that the US should take more objective look at China’s development. “China steadfastly upheld the international order with the UN at the core and based on the purposes and principles of UN charter we will firmly uphold the multilateralism yet we will also firmly safeguard our own interests and rights,” he said while responding to a question on Tillerson’s remarks. The US diplomat had branded China a “predatory rule breaker” specially in the South China Sea and leaving countries in debt.

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