Chinese involved in beating up Pak police; sent back home

video went viral causing embarrassment

After an international embarrassment where in the Chinese were seen assaulting the policemen in a viral video in Pakistan, the latter has sent the accused foreigners back to their country.

It need be mentioned that the tiff had begun after the police officers denied them permission to leave their work camp to visit a red-light district.

The incident being reported is of Khanewal district in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

With China now only fiscal supporter for Pakistan, the latter’s options too are limited.

Pakistani media however were critical as to how such an incident could take place.

The incident is said to be of April 3.

The police personnel were trying to stop them from leaving their camp without a security squad.

It also needs to be mentioned that Muslim-majority Chinese province of Xinjiang shares an international boundary with Islamabad-occupied Kashmir.

China is critical to the Pakistan as the United States has suspended an estimated $2 billion in security aid to Pakistan.

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