Chinese media all praise for informal Modi-Xi summit in Wuhan

Dubbed as an informal summit perhaps to keep expectations low and yet the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China on President Xi Jinping’s invite has been received extremely well in the Chinese media.

This is clear from the fact that the photographs of the two leaders while in an informal summit in Wuhan were splashed across front pages of several newspapers in the country.

Since media in China is largely censored or controlled by China government, the massive interest shows that the visit is being given due importance.

While the The China Daily, in an opinion piece, said that the heart to heart communication between the two leaders reflected their mutual chemistry, it also commented how the summit itself has been designed in such a way that it comes with no baggage.

Likewise, the paper also noted that “mutual suspicion” exists between two countries and this is preventing them from deepening cooperation on regional and international issues.

Emphasising the need for such a meet, the Global Times said that the mistrust has been accumulating for a long time and this is the reason why fragility of Sino-Indian relations got exposed.

There is thus now an attempt from the two sides to recognize that confrontation between China and India does not fit their interests, it concluded.

Newspapers reported how President Xi has noted that the two leaders have reached “many important consensuses” via these meetings.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited President Xi to similar summit level talks next year in India.

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