Chit fund companies are under scanner

Senior SP Durg B.N. Meena took necessary meeting of station in-charges and officers

Senior Superintendent of Police Durg BN Meena is constantly being directed to his police station outpost in-charge to take action against illegal activities and operators, in this episode today he has appointed Additional Superintendent of Police City Sanjay Kumar Dhruv and Additional Superintendent of Police rural Ananth Kumar and senior officers, taking intensive action against chit fund companies and luring public greed to take strictest action against the operators who cheated the investors of billions of rupees by making inducements and promises, took necessary meetings of the in-charges of the police station and police help center. Strict instructions have been given by him to the in-charges for speedy arrest of the accused in all the cases of chit fund and for compiling the identification and information of the movable and immovable properties of the operators soon.

In Chhattisgarh, the chit fund company’s operators have set a big trap of illegal business, tempting people and luring them to double, triple the property and are absconding by investing billions of rupees of investors’ hard-earned money through their subordinates and many operators are behind bars for years. Are serving a prison sentence behind.

Due to which the life-long capital and hard earned money of thousands of investors got lost due to their illegal business. Due to which thousands of families have been forced to go through a period of extreme financial crisis. Senior Superintendent of Police Durg has given necessary instructions to all the station in-charges to prepare an action plan to arrest the absconding doctor by setting a time limit.


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