Citizenship (Amendment) Bill provokes Twitter war of words between Rahul Gandhi and this leader

Yet another Twitter war is on between Congress president Rahul Gandhi and BJP’s north-east strategist Himanta Biswa Sarma.

The latest political tiff is on the issue of Citizenship Amendment Bill.

It is in wake of protests that has broken out across the region over the bill.

Sources said that the protesters say will inundate the north-east states with immigrants in the long term.

The BJP’s north-east strategist hit back at the Congress leader.

“Dear Rahul Gandhi, Perplexed by your anxiety. Are you aware how Congress has strangulated NE for decades? Don’t give value judgements. We’re talking to people to address genuine concerns. Some fake protestors, with bare or no support, are withering away. Rest assured, NE is safe!” Mr Sarma tweeted.

Making its stand on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016, the Assam BJP has said said the state can be saved from becoming a “Kashmir” only with the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, coupled with enforcing the Assam Accord’s Clause VI and Scheduled Tribe status to six communities.

“I do not require a certificate if I am secular or communal. People are pitting Hindus against Hindus. Those opposing Hindu Bangladeshi do not know that they have lost the power to decide in 14 districts of Assam. Already 30 seats have gone, if the Bill comes in, we can still save at least 17 assembly seats,” said Mr Sarma at a public event on Friday.

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