Civil Surgeons asked to launch crack down against illegal drug de addiction centers


Taking strong cognizance of the illegal drug de addiction center running in the state under the nose of the district health administration, The Health Minister Mr. Brahm Mohindra issued strict instructions to all the Civil Surgeons to lauch crack down against such illegal drug de addiction centers.

As per the instructions issued, a Civil Surgeon of the respective district would be held personally accountable in case any case of illegal drug de addiction centre being run in their distric is reported.

Mr. Brahm Mohindra expressed shock over the sensational expose of the illegal drug de addiction center caught in the jand Sahib Sikh Academy at Ropar.

He said that in all the previous monthly meetings with the Civil Surgeons, he kept on issuing instructions to the civil surgeons to keep an eagle’s eye to ensure that no illegal drug de addiction centers is functioning and to immediately brought to the notice of State Health Authorities any case of unlicensed drug de addition centre
being run in the district.

He said, ‘I am awestruck at the expose of unlicencsed drug de addiction center which was being run in Jand Sahib Sikh Academy having strength of total 195 inmates who were subjected to inhuman activities’.

He said that such unwarranted and illegal activities under the disguise of social service would not be tolerated and anyone howsoever influential he may be responsible for such anti social activities would have to face the music.

He said that district Health Authorities would also be brought to the books for their negligence and careless attitude for compliance of the established protocol.

He categorically said that departmental inquiry has already been initiated against the Civil Surgeon Ropar and SMO, Chamkaur Sahib for dereliction of duties.

Mr. Brahm Mohindra divulged that as per the instruction issued to all the Civil Surgons on 3 March, 2018, they have been made duty bound to furnish weekly reports on every Friday after personally visiting all the private drug de addiction centres and psychiatric nursing homes.

He said that such reports are the assurance from the concered Civil Surgeons that nothing illegal drug de addiction centre is being run in their district and also it clearly mention the total number of inmates under treatment in government and licensed private drug de addiction & rehab centres.

Similarly in these instructions it was made mandatory for all the Civil Surgeons to ensure monthly checking of the sale of correction fluid & bottled thinner with the help of drug inspector and submit this report to state head quarter.

The Health Minister said that on 1 January, 2018, similar instructions were issued to all Civil Surgeons to submit the undertaking regarding the number of the licensed as well as unlicensed drug de addition & rehab centres being run in their district.

He said the in compliance all the Civil Surgons had furnished the undertaking in which they denied the presence of any illegal drug de addition centres in their districts.

After the recent expose of illegal drug de addiction centre at Jand Sahib Sikh Academy, Chamkaur Sahib Mr. Brahm Mohindra wrote a demi official letter to all the Civil Surgeon to express his anguish and concern over the non compliance of his earlier instructions.

In this letter he said, ‘it is really most unfortunate that still such illegal drug de addiction centers are prevalent and functioning in the state inspite of repeated instructions during civil surgeon conferences and reminders from State headquarters.

It appears that district level authorities are not paying requisite attention which the seriousness of this matter deserves at their level.’

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