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Akhilesh Sulks over Bungalow Controversy

Claims, he never destroyed anything that was given to him


Samajwadi Party (SP) President Akhilesh Yadav, facing a Bungalow Controversy regarding the defacing of CM’s bungalow which he used during his tenure as Chief Minister of UP, has targeted the ruling BJP.

<> He said that neither he has broken anything, nor has harmed the bungalow. He has just taken away only those things from the bungalow which he himself had purchased. He claimed that media showed wrong pictures to the public. BJP,stung by a series of by-poll discomfitures, took it up to malign him (Akhilesh).

To make his stand clear on the raging controversy, Akhilesh had convened a press conference on Wednesday. He reached the press conference with a water tap. He said, ‘I have come with the tap. I am ready to return all that belonged to the property department.’

He claimed that he wanted to give the bungalow a shape that would reflect his own choice and he had invested heavily to give it a face up. After leaving te bungalow according to a Supreme Court order, he took away only such articles which had been purchased by his own earnings. He asked media person to go through the inventory of this bungalow before accusing him of any wrong doing. That will make everything quite clear.

He dismissed the issue of having a swimming pool in the bungalow. He said that the government runs on paper, not on words of mouth. He challenged media representatives to find out, if they can, whether a swimming pool existed within the bungalow anywhere. He also suggested to inquire more than 1000 children, who visited the bungalow during his tenure as CM, if a swimming pool ever existed inside the premises of the bungalow.

Akhilesh suggested that there was a government hand behind the whole Bungalow Controversy. He also alleged that the present BJP government, led by CM Yogi Adityanath was a mean hearted one to bring up such controversies. It goes to the inauguration of the metro and forgets to give credit to the former government. He also said that the BJP is alredy feeling jittery about the SP-BSP alliance.

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Akhilesh Sulks over Bungalow Controversy
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