Clashes in Central Africa after ceasefire deal, 40 dead

At least 40 people were today killed in clashes in the Central African Republic, the day after the signing of a ceasefire deal.

Aid and security sources said the violence in the central town of Bria was between members of Christian anti-balaka militias and ex-Seleka fighters.

According to medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in addition, 43 people were injured.

The violence erupted just a day after the CAR government and rebel groups agreed to an immediate ceasefire, a deal brokered by the Catholic community Sant’Egidio in five days of negotiations in Rome.

Under the agreement, armed groups were granted political representation in exchange for an end to attacks and blockades.

According to several sources, sporadic fighting has continued since Saturday between Christian ‘anti-balaka’ militias and the FPRC after its leader Hamad Issa was killed in the town.

UN special representative on CAR, Parfait Onanga-Anyanga said, we know that much remains to be done.

It is vital that the ceasefire agreed to by the parties is carried out immediately.

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