Class 7th Student Teaches Designing & Drafting to Engineering Students, Watch Video

Mohammed Hassan Ali, a Class 7 student, teaches designing and drafting to 30 engineering students.

We can see how 11-year-old boy is giving lessons to BTech and MTech students in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Schoolkid Mohammed Hassan Ali is a wonder boy who teaches students much older to him who are pursuing engineering at bachelor’s and master’s level.

Ali is a Class 7 student. He does not charge any fees for the lessons he gives to college students. Ali wants to teach a thousand engineers by the end of 2020.

Like many other boys of his age, Ali goes to school and occupies himself with sports and studies till six in the evening. Post 6 pm he dons his wonder-boy cloak and teaches students twice his age at a coaching institute.


The 11-year-old kid has his reasons for doing what he does. Ali had apparently come across a video on the internet in which he saw qualified Indian engineers doing odd jobs in foreign countries.

The youngster said that he has been doing all of this for a year now and internet has been his learning resource. He added that he wants to do something for the country. He teaches designing and drafting to 30 civil, mechanical and electrical engineering students.

See how 7th Class Student teach Engineers

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