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Clean chit to journalist Pawan Jaiswal in “Roti-Namak” case

Journalist Pawan Jaiswal who covered "Chapati-salt" mid-day meal expose in UP

Roti-Namak case: The Uttar Pradesh Police has given clean chit to the journalist Pawan Jaiswal, in the infamous “Roti-Namak” case in the Mirzapur where on August 22, children in a primary school in Hinauta village were served Chapatis and salt for their lunch as part of the mid-day meal scheme.

The case was registered against Pawan who made the video of children being served chapatis and salt in mid-day meal.

The case diary was placed before Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad, Chairman, Press Council of India.

“The case was registered on the basis of a report of the inquiry team constituted by District Magistrate, Mirzapur. The case was registered on August 31 against Rajkumar Pal, Principal representative of village Talifpur, Hitona and Journalist Pawan Jaiswal and an unidentified person,” mentions the case diary.

“After all the investigation and inquiry and on the basis of witnesses, the case is established only against Rajkumar Pal while it is found that Pawan Jaiswal has no involvement in it. There is nothing more left for the purpose of inquiry in the case,” said the police report.

After being intimated about it, district authorities called it “a serious lapse” and initiated an inquiry into the incident. A teacher was also suspended in this regard.

The administration had registered an FIR against people who were allegedly involved in the incident.

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