CM instructs Commissioners to make surprise visits to offices, ensure time-bound services

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel instructed the senior officers to make surprise visits to various State Government offices to ensure that officers-employees are present at their desks and resolve the public grievances in a time-bound and phased manner.

Chief Minister also called upon the Commissioners to ensure that the people’s problems are solved as per the Public Services’ Guarantee Act.

Chief Minister ordered the Chief Secretary to write to all the five Divisional Commissioners to make surprise rounds of the State Government offices and ensure maximum attendance of the officers-employees.

It is frequently found that State Government officials are absent from their duties and the complainants are made to run from pillar to post at regular intervals.

It develops resentment among the common citizens. The primary objective of the authorities is to resolve the common grievances as early as possible.

Mr. Bhupesh Baghel said that Commissioners are answerable under the Public Services’ Guarantee Act to solve the grievances in a time-bound manner.

They should inspect the duty registers every week district-wise. The Act came into effect on 12th December 2011 but still it had been observed that rules are not being followed in offices and departments.

Chief Minister said that the reasons for the delay should also be explained to the common masses.

Chief Minister instructed the senior officers that during inspection any officer-employee is found to be a ” unauthorized absent ” then his wages should be deducted for the days of absence.

Similarly, the Head of the institution should be cautioned against the unauthorized absence of the staff and he will be accountable for the dereliction of duties.

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