CM Kamal Nath assures reinstilling confidence in investors

Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that we will create a new environment and a new working culture for investment in Madhya Pradesh, which will not only return the confidence of the investors but also make it strong. He said that we will also create a sector-wise policy with the overall policy for industries.

We will encourage such industries in the state which will provide maximum jobs. Our policy will be that the investment that provides maximum jobs the more facilities it will be given to it. Chief Minister Shri Nath was addressing the Round Table Conference of industrialists at Minto Hall today.

Main points

‘Hand holders’ will be appointed who will be friendly with the investors. They will get their jobs done hand-to-hand and report directly to the Chief Minister. An officer of the Department of Industry will be appointed between ten-twelve units.

Problems and needs of industries established in Madhya Pradesh will be resolved with priority.

Work will be done towards bringing back investors’ confidence.

Policy will be made through which investments come automatically.

Changes in work style and thinking will be brought about to attract investment.

Agriculture development and employment oriented industries will be encouraged

Investment that generated maximum employment will be given maximum facilities.

Will encourage investment in food processing, tourism, religious tourism, IT and Textiles sectors.

Sector-wise policy to be made along with integrated policy.

Boost to job-oriented investment alongwith agriculture

Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath said that providing employment along with agricultural development is the biggest challenge before us and the highest priority. Policy will be made so as to attract investments automatically. He said that such investment will be encouraged, which will enrich our agriculture sector. The Chief Minister said that it is possible to provide employment through investment. He said that investment cannot be brought under pressure. For that, we have to create policies and environment that will automatically attract investment to our state. With this thought we want to move forward in Madhya Pradesh. He said that we want to have a good partnership between the Government and the investors in Madhya Pradesh.

Conference for problems and needs of established industries

The Chief Minister said that today’s meeting is not for investment, but we want to know the problems and needs of those industries through this meeting that are already running industries in our state. First of all, our aim is to meet the problems and needs of established industries so that this message will be sent across to them that the government in Madhya Pradesh is ready to collaborate with the investors.

Expansion of economic activities

Shri Nath said that our policy will be to expand economic activities in Madhya Pradesh. With this, where the state will develop, the purchasing power of the people will also increase and the youth will get employment. We will bring about changes in working style and thinking of the mechanism for investment in the state. The government is working in this direction with a new approach.

Sector-wise policy to be made along with integrated policy

The Chief Minister said that with the overall policy to encourage industries, different policies will be made for every sector. With this, we will be able to fulfill their needs. Investors will be able to invest more easily. There will be no illusions of any kind.

Industries that generate jobs to be encouraged

Shri Nath said that food processing, tourism, textile and IT along with religious tourism will be promoted in state. We will make efforts to ensure maximum investment in these sectors. Shri Nath said that these are the sectors in which we will be able to employ more and more youth of the state.

Gap between demand-supply of skill development will end

The Chief Minister said that efforts are being made in the direction of providing skills to the investors according to their industry. We want to reduce the difference between demand and supply in this area. We will overcome all the shortcomings and constraints that make investing easier in the state. Our government will always be open for continuous communication and suggestions.

“Hand-holders” to be appointed

Chief Minister Shri Nath said that we will appoint experienced officers in the industry department who will work on the policy of ‘handholding’ so that investors do not have any problem in the system. Hand holders will be appointed between ten to twelve units and will work on their problems and needs. These officers will be directly in touch with the Chief Minister and will report to him. We will create a better environment for investment in the state through them.

Will enrich the lifestyle of citizens

The Chief Minister said that by promoting investment, we will enrich the lifestyle of citizens of the state. Our goal is that those people of the state who eat just once should now get a two-time meal in a day. Those who are having two-time meals should get even better food. They can live a happier and respectable life.

Increase investment, government will provide facilities-resources

The Chief Minister urged all the industrialists who came to the conference to suggest what better can be done and what should be done for better industrial environment in the state. He told them to increase investment and the government will provide all the facilities and resources it needs.

Chief Secretary Shri S.R. Mohanty said that Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has made a new environment of communication with the industries after taking the charge. The new government is constantly working in the direction of strengthening state’s investment policy and to establish live contact.

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