Collector and SP responsible for security arrangement of strong room

Shri Rao said that the security of the strong room in all 51 districts is being taken care of round the clock by the Central Security Force.

Chief Electoral Officer Shri V. L. Kanta Rao told that after the completion of polling in the state, all EVMs and VVPATs have been deposited in the strong room.

Collectors, District Election Officers and Superintendents of Police are implementing the safety and protocol of the strong room with utmost care.

Shri Rao said that the security of the strong room in all 51 districts is being taken care of round the clock by the Central Security Force.

In addition, the second circle is being edited by the Special Armed Force. The security system will remain in place till the counting is complete.

There is a double lock system in the strong room, with one key near the District Election Officer and the other key with the returning officer of the concerned area.

Central Police Force is positioned in the internal perimeter of the strong room and the state’s Armed Police Force is deployed in the outer area.

Candidates have been informed in writing to deploy their representatives to keep a close watch on the security arrangements of the strong room.

They were allowed to stay outside the inner cordon, from where they can see the entrance of the strong room. In case the entrance door of the strong room cannot be seen directly, then in such a situation, CCTV has been arranged so that they can see the security of strong room on the monitor screen.

The control room near the strong room is functional 24 x7. A gazetted officer along with a police officer has been kept on 24×7 duty to protect the strong room.

There is adequate arrangement of firefighters inside and around the strong room. A logbook is kept by the Central Police Force, in which the names, mobile number, date, time etc. and other information of persons who cross the secondary security cordon that is the central cordon which includes observers, district election officers, Superintendents of Police, candidates, agents or any other person’s tour.

Video cameras have been made available to the Central Security Force for the records of persons coming in and going out within the strong room area.

The provision of a power generator is ensured for availability of electricity 24×7 in the strong room, so that the recording / security of the strong room is not affected.

The Returning Officer has been instructed to check the logbook and videography by making daily visits morning and evening to the inner cordon of the strong room.

The returning officer is sending the report to the concerned District Election Officer daily.

Any vehicle, including the vehicle of any officer or any other political worker, is not allowed within the circumference of the strong room, the point of landing from the vehicles is indicated next to the outer security perimeter and then there is only a pedestrian crossing.

On the day of counting, the strong room will be opened under videography vigilance in the presence of candidates/other representatives, returning officer and observer.

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