Concerned for injured man, police personnel goes beyond his call of duty

It truly was a humanitarian gesture and beyond the call of duty for this police personnel as he ran for a kilometer to save a seriously injured man.

It so happened that the man had injured himself after falling off the train.

The policeman in Madhya Pradesh ran for about a kilometer and a half carrying man on his shoulder to a railway station in Hoshangabad.

In a video, the cop is seen rushing to the man’s rescue, picking him up and running on a rail track as a train passes by.

No ambulance or help could reach the place where the man had got injured.

Seeing no alternative, the cop ran along the rail tracks with the injured man on his shoulders.

“The spot was around two kilometers km away from the railway gate and even an ambulance couldn’t reach there. We walked and found him seriously injured. I carried him on my shoulders to the Pagdhal railway station, from where he was taken to a health centre,” Poonam Billore, the cop, said.

The man suffered head injuries but is now out of danger.

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