Cong reveals a BJP leader initiated Patthalgadi; in a presser

Incidentally, Sai is also the head of the National Scheduled Tribes Commission

With the political storm that has been created by the Patthalgadi, the Congress came out on Saturday asserting that it had first initiated by a BJP leader himself.

Tribal Congress state President Amarjit Bhagat said that the Patthalgadi had been inaugurated by Nand Kumar Sai himself.

Incidentally, Sai is also the head of the National Scheduled Tribes Commission.

Bhagat said that Patthalgadi is the outcome of the step-brotherly treatment with the tribals in the state.

He pointed to the contradiction that while a BJP leader inaugurated the Patthalgadi, now the leaders of the same party are protesting against it.

This has led to deterioration of law and order in the state, he said.

Bhagat went to the extent of saying that the naxalism itself has only spread under the incumbent government so much so that they have now reach to the urban centres of the Chhattisgarh.

The revelations were made in a press conference organized in Raipur Congress Bhawan.

Amarjit Bhagat also slammed the state government on the issue of Foerst Rights Act and how the FRA recognitions are being disbursed.

Deputy Leader of Opposition Kawasi Lakhma said that incumbent state government is busy exploiting the tribals in every way.

Another prominent Congress leader Shiv Daharia said that the tribals have been stuck in the hostilities between security forces and the naxals.

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