Cong tweets Asaram with Modi photo after former gets convicted of rape

Congress tweet is obviously aimed at scoring over and above BJP

With self-styled Godman Asaram convicted for life in rape case, the Congress tweeted his photo standing alongside Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Congress tweet is obviously aimed at scoring over and above BJP.

Asaram, it need be known, convicted by a Jodhpur court today for raping a minor in 2013.

Congress tweeted video wherein the two are seen sharing screen space.

The Congress shared the video saying, “A man is known by the company he keeps” – Aesop’s fables, along with #AsaramVerdict.

Congress has been quite active lately on the social media and has taken frequent potshots at the state governments of the BJP as well as that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It need be mentioned that in September 2012 itself, the Narendra Modi-led Gujarat government had been cautioned by Asaram against targeting him and his son Narayan Sai in a case related to the mysterious death of two students.

Gujarat Chief Minister and the BJP’s election committee chief Narendra Modi is reportedly unhappy with BJP leaders coming to the defence of Asaram Bapu.

Modi spoke to the then party president Rajnath Singh and asked him to ensure that no spokesperson or leader was seen or heard defending Asaram.

It will be interesting to see how the Bharatiya Janata Party will respond to Congress’s attack.

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