Congress campaigner makes controversial comments on PM Modi, then this happened

It appears that political discourse would further deteriorate as the political season picks up ahead of the parliamentary poll.

Coz, the latest in the series is when Congress star campaigner Vijaya Shanti made controversial comments on Prime Minister Modi.

The comments were made in the presence of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

Speaking at a rally here which was also addressed by Rahul, the actress-turned-Congress leader claimed that people are scared of Modi as they don’t know when he would throw a “bomb”.

“People are scared as they don’t know which kind of bomb Modi will throw when. Modi looks like a terrorist,” she alleged, while speaking in Telugu.

At the same rally, Rahul alleged that Modi was making “two Indias” – one for the poor and the other for wealthy and rich people.

He also claimed that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao is being “remote controlled” by Prime Minister Modi.

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