Congress-free or Modi-free India?

BJP and union leaders and workers are more upset than ordinary citizens

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat has rightly said that the Sangh’s work is not that he speaks like Congress-free India.

He believes in serving the country by keeping everyone together.

On this statement of Mohanji, many BJP workers and RSS volunteers told me that Mohan Bhagwat is not feeling that India is going to be redeemed. Gujarat was saved free-of-the-way but will India survive?

Seeing Bhagwatji’s opinion, it is quite relevant to see that the leader of the Opposition parties who have been bathed for the coalition to make a coalition, for Modi-free India, think that now, except for the free-will, talk about the rich.

He canceled the Congress free India’s land by calling it a pure political joomla. When Narendra Modi had tossed this book, then I had written that it is contrary to the spirit of democracy.

It smells of dictatorship. The chariot of democracy does not run on a wheel.

However, after the horrific experience of Indira Gandhi, no leader in India can now bowl to become a dictator.

Yes, the ego was seen appearing in this statement.

The last four years of work has proven to be true right now. BJP and union leaders and workers are more upset than ordinary citizens.

If anti-partisans join together or all together, then will Modi-Shah’s couple be able to re-elect the BJP again? This idea is jumping somewhere, is it possible that before the election of 2019, will the BJP become free?

There are more experienced and intelligent leaders in the BJP than Modi, who can combine many opposition parties with him. BJP and RSS workers can work enthusiastically with new leadership too. But all this is the casserole.

It does not have to happen. Neither do India have to be free from Congress nor the BJP has to be free of Modi.

But both the Congress and the Modi party need self-reflection. If both these All India parties were healthy inside and outside, then many regional parties have merged so far.

India goes on to two-party democracy but fear is that in 2019, the small regional parties of the country could not get anywhere on the all-India throne.

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