Contentious Citizenship Bill keenly awaited by many refugees, heres why

The passage of the Citizenship Bill, that has ran into contention as well, is keenly being awaited by the Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan.

It is said that these refugees were eagerly awaiting the passage of a bill by Parliament that would grant them Indian citizenship.

For now though, they are disappointed.

Most of these refugees have escaped religious persecution back in Pakistan and found a new home in India.

Without any provision for getting long-term visas, Hindu and Sikh migrant families from Pakistan are trying relentlessly to get their visas renewed.

Another problem for these families is to find suitable guarantors for their visas.

They were keenly tracking the fate of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in Parliament during the just-concluded Winter Session in the hope that it would be passed into law.

The bill, which is aimed at amending the Act of 1955, was passed by the Lok Sabha but got stuck in the Rajya Sabha where the Opposition parties insisted on sending the legislation to a Select Committee for thorough scrutiny.

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