Thomson Reuters Foundation study ranks India most dangerous country for women

Could have long time ramifications for Indian tourism

Indian women have a lot to worry about their safety and security in India. The country has been ranked as the most dangerous place for them. This really is a serioius issue.

A Thomson Reuters Foundation study report said on Tuesday that even war torn countries like Afghanistan and Syria respect their woen more than Indians do.

This finding could have serious long time implications on Indian tourism.

Thomson Reuters Foundation conducted a global survey to identify the most most dangerous country for women in the world. A report, based on this survey, claimed that It is fair to assume that women safety measures in India have hit a new low.

The poll was conducted by consulting 550 gender experts from across five continents to compile a list of the most dangerous countries for women. Carefully drafted questions were put forward to academics, health workers, policymakers and journalists among other respondents.

Their responses were then recorded to compile the list where India has the dubious distinction of being the frontrunner.

While the survey ranks war-plagued countries Afghanistan and Syria, second and third respectively, Somalia takes the fourth and Saudi Arabia, the fifth position on the list of five most dangerous countries for women.

While nine out of the ten countries on the list are in Asia, the only western country to find mention in the list is the United States which has been ranked at number 10.

Women in India are said to be at a high risk of being thrust into trafficking and forced labour for purposes of sexual slavery, domestic work and even forced marriages

In a similar survey conducted by the foundation about seven years ago, India was ranked at number four while Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, and Somalia were the other four countries that made the list.

In its report, the foundation has cited the high risk of sexual violence among other things as to why India has topped the list. Also highlighted in the report is the high probability of women being forced into human trafficking in India which sheds light on how law enforcement and judiciary have failed to tackle the menace even after India ranked at number one with respect to trafficking in the previous report seven years ago.

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