Countries have not Reported any Coronavirus Cases

Coronavirus has been become a big issue for the whole world,but some of the countries have not yet reported any cases

Coronavirus was seemingly confined to China,in December 2019.After few weeks,the virus,which causes the illness known as COVID-19,became a global pandemic.

The virus,which leads to a respiratory illness that can be transmitted from droplets of bodily fluids,such as mucus and saliva, has now been reported in at 185 countries.

Scientists,health officials and governments across the world have encouraged citizens to practice physical distancing and to avoid going out unless for necessary purposes.

As per data compiled by Johns Hopkins University,more than 1.8 million people have been infected,and the global death gone to more than 110,000,approximately 412,000 patients have recovered.

Countries that have not reported any cases of the Coronavirus so far as below.

North Korea,Palau,Samoa,Sao Tome and Principe,Comoros,Kiribati,Lesotho,Marshall Islands,Micronesia,Nauru,Solomon Islands,Tajikistan,Tonga,Turkmenistan,Tuvalu,Vanuatu.

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