Court of Inquiry to probe fire at Aero India parking area

Today morning at around 1155 hrs an unfortunate incident occurred, wherein fire broke out in one of the parking areas outside the venue of Aero India 2019.

The parking area is located well away from the Aero India venue on the other side of the highway.

All available fire fighting services, Rapid Action Force and NDRF teams were immediately mobilised.

IAF immediately launched one helicopter for aerial assessment, the helicopter assisted by providing effective directions to fight the fire.

The fire was brought under control by deploying more than 12 fire fighting vehicles. The cause of the fire was not immediatly known.

The Air Show and Aero India venues were unaffected.

There was no loss of life or injury, however, as per existing estimates around 150 vehicles were burnt / damaged in the process.

Details of damage to vehicles is being ascertained. Afternoon air display continued on time.

A Court of Inquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause of fire.

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